With the uproar of Web3 and the advancement of cryptocurrencies, a huge opportunity to belong to this very enterprising and actively growing sector will be missed. There are many ways to collect money in this sector, such as trade, investment, share, produce farming, etc. However, due to the level of technical and arithmetic on trading, many people still find it difficult to earn from them. Forum. Then came another option to earn from what you can offer. They include: play to earn, learn to earn, flip NFTS, and then crypto jobs.


The fun truth about crypto jobs is that it is built on a community. Meaning they are dependent on the community to thrive but this cannot be achieved without the people who manage, market, grow, build and grow the communities, hence the need for crypto jobs. And with the development of web3.0, and the cryptocurrency community, a lot of projects are on the ground and more are sprouting up on a daily basis. This can mean only one thing for you and me and that is more job opportunities.

Types of Crypto Jobs

Crypto jobs can be divided into technical and non-technical jobs.

Crypto tech jobs are jobs that require little or no coding abilities including Java, JavaScript, CSS, Solidity, Python, etc. Whereas non-tech crypto jobs are those jobs that require little or no technical ability. They are mostly soft skill based, and require creativity and good mental skills. There are a lot of crypto jobs but I will mention only a few of them.

Tech Crypto Jobs Includes:

  1. Web Developer
  2. Smart Contract Developer
  3. Full Stack Blockchain developer
  4. Software Engineer
  5. Solidity
  6. Lead react Developer
  7. Javascript Developer

Non- tech Crypto Jobs

  1. Writer (copy writers, creative contents and technical writers)
  2. Graphics designer / UI/UX
  3. Community Moderators /Manager
  4. Business developer
  5. Project developer
  6. Research analyst
  7. Customer Support
  8. Ambassadors


There are several ways to get crypto jobs with little or no experience. However, for the purpose of this article, we will focus more on the few:

  1. Ambassadorship programs
  2. Becoming an Intern
  3. Contributing to DAOs, etc.

Become an ambassador

An ambassador is a person who publicizes and spreads information about a project to a large audience. The idea of ​​ambassadorship is to promote/advertise a project and make it a market sensation through active dissemination of information using various marketing strategies and platforms.

Ambassador roles are familiar to new projects seeking to gain their base on the Crypto, DeFi, Metaverse, NFT, Web3 and Blockchain spaces. These projects need development and exposure, hence the need for ambassadors. These ambassadors use various social media platforms to promote these projects and in return, the projects allocate a portion of their coins/NFTs as a reward.

As an ambassador, you must possess certain skills. These skills will give you an advantage in how well you can promote the project. Such skills include: designing (Graphics / UI / UX), creating memes, emoji, content, translation, etc.

Note, as an ambassador, you are a content creator. And as a content creator, you have a wide horizon which means you can choose one particular or multiple streams of content creation. You are simply unlimited.

Content creation type:

  • Articles: Thesis covers all types of writing including technical writing, creative writing, review, etc.
  • Video: This includes all types of video productions, including presentations, live streams, reviews, etc.)
  • Design / Infographics / Memes: Involves the use of graphics and comics to transmit information
  • Podcasts: These include the use of audio and voice recordings for professional advertisements including seminars, AMAs, reports, etc.
  • become an ambassador

Become an intern

The word intern is short for internship. It is the period of work experience offered by an organization for a limited period. It is more like an apprenticeship role, where the intern works closely with a senior team member in a specific location, either technical writing, community moderator, developer, etc.

Many employees in the crypto space were recruited as interns. In addition, joining internship programs can be used to build your portfolio, which can assist with letters of recommendation or create future employment opportunities. Internships may or may not be paid, depending on what you want to achieve: knowledge, skills, finances, etc.

To become an intern, follow the “How to Find Ambassador Roles” procedure above, then search for “internship jobs”, apply and follow subsequent instructions.

Contribution to DAO

First, let’s understand what exactly DAO means. The term DAO simply means Decentralized Autonomous Organization. But it still doesn’t explain what exactly it is. To understand DAO in simple words, DAO is a community that is owned and managed by its members. This means that no one person has absolute authority over the decisions and affairs of the community.

How to Find a DAO to Join

The great thing about DAOs is how open-ended they are. Some of them require you to buy tokens to join while some others allow you to understand how they work.

There are many different types of DAOs which we will talk about in our next article. So now, we will focus on how to contribute to the DAO.

How to earn from DAO

To earn massively from DAO, timing is everything. Since the number of hours you dedicate to a particular DAO along with your skills, it goes a long way in determining your role and what you gain from it. If you have 1 to 3 hours per week, you can start by engaging in community conversations and promoting the DAO on various social media platforms. Plus, if you have up to 7-10 hours weekly, you can become a main contributor and start growing the community. And like I said earlier, timing is everything. Once you have identified a DAO that appeals to you, you determine the level of responsibility that suits you and that is it.

Note : It is worth noting that there are certain criteria that should be considered while selecting or selecting a project.

Factors to consider when selecting a project

Here are some factors one should consider before or when selecting a project, for investment, job or research purposes. They include:

  • Project investor
  • Project team and
  • Developmental phase of the project.

Project investors go a long way in determining how well a project will run. They are the people who believe in and share the same idea about that particular project, hence give their support through funds and grants and in turn become a shareholder in the project. A project investor with good business acumen and portfolio has the ability to spot good projects, hence the need to keep an eye on investors.

Project Team: These include the core team. One of the major reasons to always check on the core team is to know their level of experience, how long they have been in the space, where they have worked before, the success of the projects they have previously handled, if any and what they How will you manage / develop the new project.

Project Development Phase: The phase of a project also matters as it can help in understanding the fundamentals and knowing whether the team is working as prescribed in the road map.

Note: Projects with good fundamentals have the potential to do well


Blockchain technology has literally impacted almost all aspects of life including education, real estate, banking, health, business, etc. And crypto jobs are another huge opportunity for you and me to belong to the next big financial space. so what are you waiting for?

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