Right Way to Make Money In Cryptocurrency

There is no comparison. The easiest money I’ve ever found is through trading cryptocurrencies and the Right Way to Make Money In Cryptocurrency . At the same time, I have tried to help others realize their potential to create life-changing wealth through this unique investment opportunity. Some have followed my lead and made incredible progress in achieving financial independence. However, others make excuses and will never take the necessary steps to be successful.

Right Way to Make Money In Cryptocurrency
Right Way to Make Money In Cryptocurrency

The number one issue I see is that when things get too complicated, it’s easier to give up than to just move on. I understood. Up to this point, crypto is still not very user-friendly and there are many things you need to wrap your head around before you can enjoy the benefits that come with investing in it. In fact, it just takes a little bit of time to learn the basics as well as a good touch of mental fortitude to endure the initial headache. I can attest that the effort may be worth it.

For those who still want to be part of the fortunes being built-in crypto, here are the basic game plan steps needed to get started in the right direction. Set up accounts on multiple exchanges.

This step is almost a must if you are planning to get serious about crypto trading. Coinbase is the most famous, but honestly few coins, if any, on this exchange have the potential to be home drama. It is not very possible to set up an account on a single exchange and expect significant profits. The reason for choosing multiple exchange options is that not one of them has every coin you want in your portfolio.

For me, the most important exchange to have an account with is Kucoin. This renowned exchange is home to a number of projects, including several small cap gems that you can avail for windfall gains. It will be much more likely that you will find tokens that can do 10x to 100x or more on Kucoin than on Coinbase. This is just a fact, as Coinbase is hesitant to offer uncertified tokens that offer the best chance for great returns. Yet each of the different exchanges has its own individual strengths.

Here are some of the more popular options to consider that I’ve had good experience with:





Do your own research on Cryptocurrency

At this point, there are thousands of different coins available and garnering attention from the crypto community and the truth is that 99% or more are not going to make it. There are a lot of scam projects or projects that don’t offer very attractive use cases. I like to seek out different sources of information about a potential project to weigh all the pros and cons and I never invest as much as my most trusted resources tell me. I rely on the opinions of reputable investors with strong track records, but I always do my own research.

I would also hope that even though I have had a lot of success, you would not bet on a project just because I have given it a thumbs up. Instead, take the time to understand the merits of investing so that in the end you are comfortable with your choices and not rely solely on the opinions of others. Not every pick will be a winner, but learning from mistakes is valuable and helps you build better strategies as you move forward.

Have an right investment plan

Benjamin Franklin was credited with being the first to say, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. he was right. Always have a plan. In fact, having multiple plans is even better. The formula I follow remains the same and is one that I will continue to use until it proves unsuccessful. When I evaluate a new project I look for three important things:

  • Use Cases – Does this project address a compelling problem in a way that makes sense?
  • Low Market Cap – Does this project have real potential to multiply in value?
  • Passive Income Potential – Can I stake tokens to make attractive APY%?

Any project I heavily support should check at least two, if not all three of these boxes. Some of the coins that dominate my portfolio that I’ve written about for a long time, such as LUNA, DAG, LTX, VRA, and ZIL, meet most, if not all, of these criteria and are the ones that have helped me. Has provided the biggest returns. Have you noticed that none of these are worthless meme coins like DOGE? Get into coins early on that offer some sort of user value and the potential for big profits increases exponentially.

Be sure to take advantage of Crypto Market

I kept thinking for a very long time that the prices would continue to skyrocket and there would be no profit. big mistake. Failure is a great teacher though and now I make sure to always bring some of those benefits to the table. If you make up for your initial investment from a project, anything you gain beyond that counts as a win. It also helps you to sleep better at night without any regrets. Although for the most part, because I have so much confidence in my top plays, I still prefer to invest the bulk of my investments to enjoy long-term gains as well as generous daily wager rewards that give me an exceptionally passive income.

Provide good crypto streams

This one is quite simple. Spend any consistent period within crypto and you are likely to experience the rollercoaster-like ups and downs that it can offer. Some simply are not made for the volatility that comes to characterize this asset class. If that’s you, and the dramatic ups and downs will adversely affect your quality of life, then I’d only suggest looking at other methods of wealth growth.

Trading crypto may be the best and most profitable method, but it is certainly not the only option for making a fortune. For those who choose to continue down this road, learn to embrace the short-term twists and turns and think long-term instead. With bitcoin, it is easy to look at a very limited piece of its history and see how many times it has underperformed, but this can be very misleading.

In fact, if you consider how much it has been appreciated over its short history, you will see that it is one of the best-performing assets of the past decade. When it first came out, you could only buy one bitcoin for $0.0008. In simple words, it is eight-thousandths of a dollar. Now one bitcoin runs in the neighborhood of $40,000 a coin. So you have to focus on investing in the long term and not just having an overnight money mindset.

So if you have a coin that tests your all-important criteria, don’t be afraid to take the temporary pain of the drops and hold on instead of being tempted to sell at a huge loss. Lack of patience is the best way to lose a virtual fortune. In the early days for me, it was much easier said than done, but now I can see hundreds of thousands of dollars drop or increase in my account over the course of a few hours and can’t even give it a second thought


In conclusion, as I have written before, it is never too late to make excellent profits in crypto. We are still in the early stages of the adoption of digital currencies and literally every day will provide new opportunities to get into the ground floor of potentially life-changing opportunities. What I highlighted recently involves the Constellation Network, which I expect to become the next trillion dollar crypto project. If I told you you could be part of the next potential bitcoin for 15 cents per coin, So would it be worth a bet? I certainly think so, and so I know there’s still a fortune to be made in the months and years ahead for smart investors. I myself plan to go from an eight-figure asset to a nine-figure asset over the next five years and that’s because this market is only going to continue to grow as more big players enter the picture. I also believe that those who move through the challenges presented by the crypto market enjoy incredible success as well.

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