Shiba Inu will become the main crypto!

Shiba Inu will drop her Memecoin status! will become the main crypto

Shiba Inu will become the main crypto! -99cryptox
Shiba Inu will become the main crypto! -99cryptox

Shiba Inu price today

Shiba Inu doesn’t want to be just a Memecoin, but it can be a challenge.

Back in 2020, the ERC-20 token, Shiba Inu (SHIB), was created to mimic another well-known crypto, Dogecoin (DOGE). Despite the initial impact of the platform, it has revised the fundamentals and is now equipped with a DEX, a Metaverse platform, and is increasingly moving towards burning tokens for long-term positions. After gaining public attention during the 2021 bull run, the developers of Shiba Inu have taken several initiatives to help what started as a more legitimate project as a simple meme token gain traction.

Shibbers metaverse

Shibbers is the metaverse of the Shiba Inu meme currency, which along with the game will be a meeting point for owners of this digital token and may include virtual land and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The Metaverse Shiba Inu ecosystem has its own Metaverse Space, which developer Eric M describes as “a place where our community, tokens, games, Shibaswap and more are going to come together.”

Hosted on it will have 100,595 plots that will be made available for purchase. All of these will be placed on a Metaverse map, lined with streets with Shiba-related names. Metaverse lands will also contribute to the SHIB burn, using the same naming process as the Shiboshi NFT burn. Shiboshi NFT holders will have a special zone of the metaverse, known as the Shiboshi Zone.

The token is also increasingly being adopted for payment purposes, and the number of organizations accepting it is increasing. It is one of the most influential and interesting cryptocurrencies in the world today. It started its journey with quadrillion tokens, but now about 50% of its tokens have been burned. The predictions for the year 2022 include that the Shiba Inu (SHIB) may reach US$0.0001 in the crypto market after the crypto winter. Pricing is expected to increase to US$0.00015 in 2023 and US$0.0002 by 2025 by 2023. The ecosystem for this token is still in its development phase, and this year, the performance is set to increase.

Is Shiba Inu’s Bull Run Still Possible?

The prediction of a Shiba Inu employing AI by crypto-research firm- Telegaon has drawn attention from the community. The firm expects SHIB to reach a maximum of US$9.61 by the year 2050. Learning from the detailed analysis, SHIB is expected to reach a new ATH by 2025, following the Bitcoin halving. Analysts expect the Shiba Inu to claim a new ATH by 2040. Because the canine coin can lose 50% of its supply to burn.

The predictions are heavy for any SHIB holder, however, as the US$9 target is decades ahead. We can’t really expect things to appear equally, as digital assets will go through “n” number of events over time. In one notable example, Shiotoshi Kusama cited that bear markets open up the best opportunities for anyone to buy or burn.

The statement of a well-known personality of the team has angered a section of investors. Now who is criticizing the platform for its lack of burn initiatives on their part? Speaking of burning incidents, as of press-time 410,369,970,331,037 SHIB have been burned from the initial supply. With initiatives such as development and burn event, the price of the meme coin may eventually rise to higher highs in the higher time frame. Furthermore, being one of the top holds of the top 100 ETH whales, SHIB will further hold the price during times of extreme volatility.

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