Earning huge returns in the cryptocurrency request requires a lot of trouble. This will bear hours of exploration about different coins, their use cases, road charts and structure of their brigades, their position of experience, etc. 
Still, we’ve done the hard work for you and have linked Top 3 Cryptocurrency that could potentially give 100X gains in the future. These three coins are Muche Token( XMU), Polygon( MATIC), and Binance Coin( BNB)


1. Binance Coin( BNB) 

Binance, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance announced a new program called “Learn and Earn.” This program allows users to earn Binance Coin (BNB) by completing various tasks and activities.

Druggies can now earn while learning about cryptocurrencies on the Binance( BNB) platform. 
It’s fully free and druggies just need to know about a new design being launched on Binance( BNB) and answer many questions to earn some cryptocurrency commemorative. These will be outstanding in BNB or the design’s cryptocurrency commemorative. 

Four rounds of learn and earn program conducted so far and it’s open to registered KYC guests only.

 The first task is to complete a tutorial on the Binance website. The second task is to complete a trading tutorial. The third task is to review a trading strategy. The fourth task is to review a market analysis. The fifth task is to review a security analysis. The sixth task is to review a trading strategy. The seventh task is to review a market analysis. The eighth task is to review a security analysis.

Binance Coin is use as the native coin of the Binance( BNB) exchange and you can earn it for free by laying, or you can earn by placing other commemoratives in the Binance Vault. 

The BNB commemorative has seen considerable price appreciation in the history and Binance( BNB) conducts a regular burn event to reduce its force which has a positive effect on the price. 

2. Muche Token( XMU) 

The Muche Token( XMU) is a metaverse cryptocurrency that will be interoperable in the edict and metaverse requests. This will help druggies gain access to features like banking through the Metaverse presently being erecte by the Mushe platoon. 

The banking requirements of Muche Token( XMU) druggies will be met through a native portmanteau and DeFi gate The Muche platoon is devote to creating a simple, accessible result for managing cryptocurrency and edict holdalls
, with flawless cloverleaf and payment features. 

The Muche Chat point will allow druggies to communicate with each other in the metaverse and off- chain. Secure and translate dispatches will be allow through the innovative converse app. 

In addition, a native cryptocurrency exchange will be handed for the benefit of the druggies. This will allow them to fluently change commemoratives across multiple networks. 

The Muche Token( XMU) will be erected on the Astral network, but will support interoperability. The Astral network includes fiscal institutions, payment results providers and fintech companies that give precious on- chain and off- chain ramping services. 

Mush Token( XMU) holders will be award through a 1 redivision program. Acceptable allocation has been made to insure liquidity and druggies will also profit from the generous staking program. 

Buy Muche Tokens( XMU) through theirpre-sale program. Accelerate up as it may not be available at similar seductive prices once it’s listed on the exchanges. 

3. Polygon( Matic) 

Polygon and MSP Recovery have teamed up to provide users with a new and improved version of the MSP Recovery software.

The new version of MSP Recovery includes updated algorithms that are specifically designed to work with Polygon. This partnership allows users to more easily recover lost files and data, as well as speed up the process.

The new MSP Recovery also includes enhanced support for live chat and phone support. This means that users can get help from a professional if they need it, and they can also communicate with the MSP Recovery team easily and effectively.

This partnership between Polygon and MSP Recovery is another step in the right direction

MSP Recovery, a US health insurance agreement company has partnered with Polygon( MATIC) and Tokenology to launch a health care claims tokenization platform. 

The news came via a tweet by Polygon’s Twitter handle,”@DiscoverMSP, a intimately traded US healthcare company, has partnered with@Tokenologycom to launch LifeChain#onPolygon. Health First of its kind marketable platform to completely characterize care services.” 

Blockchain technology has wide operations in the field of healthcare due to its strong sequestration and decentralized features. The Polygon( MATIC) commemorative could potentially see some price increases as a result of this collaboration. 

Polygon( MATIC) launch as a Subcaste 2 result for Ethereum, but it’s fast getting a full- fledged network powered by its popular MATIC commemorative. 

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